Basically a bookkeeper is a good steward of the assets of a business. They help tell the story of a business.

If you like lists, then you will like these seven qualities to look for in a good bookkeeper.

  • Builds Value
    • A good steward will build the value of their clients understanding all the while what their client’s value is the ultimate goal.
  • Discerning Communicator
    • Although a good steward is very transparent and willing to seek help or advice when necessary, they also understand the importance of keeping information confidential and secure.
    • They are also not afraid to ask questions.
  • Selfless Servant
    • Without prompting a good bookkeeper is responsible and accountable.
    • They are not controlling.
  • Team Player
    • A good steward is willing to work together with others.
  • Investigator
    • Good bookkeepers take the time to find out how their clients want to do business.
    • They are detail oriented to avoid questions later when the answers may not be so easy to remember.
  • Embrace Innovation and Change
    • Although they understand principles never change, the way to achieve those principles may change.
    • They welcome new creative ideas.
  • Thankful
    • Being grateful for each client is one quality often over-looked.
    • You want to pick a bookkeeper who is appreciative of your business and pushes you forward.

At Deborah Mawson Bookkeeping LLC, we strive to incorporate all of these qualities to make your financial books as accurate as possible. We realize when we help you focus on what you are good at doing, we will all be happy. Why not schedule a free consultation? Call today. Simply click the link to get started giving yourself the best possible experience with a virtual bookkeeper.